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Other Men's Flowers are gathered by Tony, who also creates and maintains other websites
 d.o.b: 3rd March in the year that Elgar conducted Land of Hope and Glory at the Abbey Road Studios
 1932: Cruelly mocked by older sisters
1938: Runner-up, Lucy Beamish Prize for Good Behaviour in Class
1940-48: Whitgift School
1948: Barman, The Mitre, Tooting
1949-51: University College London, BSc Eng (failed, twice)
1951-53: National Service in Fayid and Ismailia
1953-60: Export Manager, E C De Witt and Co Ltd.

Also in the fifties: Co-founder of Contem Studios, silkscreen printers
1960-1974: Overseas Marketing Director, Dylon International Ltd.

Also in the sixties: part-time hack with a provincial newspaper group
1976-93: Secretary-General, The International Table Tennis Federation
1985-2001: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer or consultant to a dozen charities (unpaid)
[Since then, dilettante
cloudwatcher and website designer]
Lives on the south coast of England
Married, twice. Three children, two grandchildren.

 Below: the children in 1970 (they are older now).

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