Answers to First Names

1 Richmal Crompton (writer)
2 Rudyard Kipling (writer)
3 Keir Hardy (socialist and labour leader)
4 Dwight Eisenhower (WWII general and US President)
5 Willkie Collins (writer)
6 Denholm Elliot (actor)
7 Endeavour Morse (fictional detective)
8 Praise-God Barebone (17th-century preacher)
9 Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (writer)
10 Canaan Banana (Methodist minister, President of Zimbabwe)
11 Dodie
Smith (writer)
12 Molonay
Tubilderborst (another red-bearded dwarf)
13 Millard Fillmore (US President, 1850-53)
14 Plantagenet Palliser (fictional statesman)
15 Linus Pauling (scientist, Nobel Peace Prize winner)
16 Maya Angelou (poet, writer)
17 DeForest Kelley (actor)
18 Kublai Khan (Mongol ruler, grandson of Genghis Khan)
19 Django Reinhardt (guitarist)
20 Brigham Young (Mormon leader)
21 Aphra Behn (17th-century woman writer)
22 Branwell Brontë (Painter and poet with three sisters)
23 Orde Wingate (British WWII general)
24 Alma Cogan (singer)
25 Gerard Hoffnung (cartoonist and musical humorist)

Up to 4: You are less than five years old
5-24: You are of average erudition
25: You are probably a liar