Answers to More First Names

1 LaVerne Andrews (her sisters were Maxene and Patti).
2 Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock's brother)
3 Dinsdale Landen (actor)
4 Kofi Annan (UN Secretary-General, 1997-2006)
5 Jedediah Leland (Citizen Kane's friend, played by Joseph Cotton)
6 Maundy Gregory (political fixer famous for selling honours)
7 Dashiell Hammett (detective story writer)
8 Lambert Simnel (pretender to the throne of King Henry VII)
9 Perkin Warbeck (ditto)
10 Lorna Doone (heroine of 19th century novel by R D Blackmore)
11 Calvin Klein (fashion designer) or Coolidge (30th US President)
12 Woodrow Wilson US President 1913-1921
13 Ogden Nash (American humo(u)rist)
14 Sacheverell Sitwell (art critic and writer)
15 Sexton Blake (fictional detective)
16 Zane Grey (writer of cowboy stories)
17 Diego Maradona (Argentinian footballer)
18 Orlando Bloom (actor)
19 Emmeline Pankhurst (leader of women's suffrage movement)
20 Clement Attlee (post-war Labour prime minister)
21 Garth Brooks (country music singer)
22 Benito Mussolini (World War Two fascist dictator of Italy)
23 Jawaharlal Nehru (first prime minister of independent India)
24 Maximilien Robespierre (French revolutionary leader) (NOT Rebecca's husband, he spelt it with an a)
25 Mahalia Jackson (gospel singer)


Up to 4: You are less than five years old
5-16: You are of average erudition
17-24: You know a lot
25: You are probably a liar